Welcome to Vanity Pack 2.0.0 beta 9


Welcome to Vanity Pack 2.0.0 beta 9

burnout paradise mods


This pack adds some vanity to your Burnout Paradise experience. Be sure to read the disclaimer fully. You’d be wise to make backups of game folder and save game, just in case. Remember: Backups are

your friend.

Included Features


  • – BSI world addition
  • – BSI map
  • – BSI regular billboards
  • – BSI teaser video (plays if you don’t press a button when first prompted to)
  • – BSI vehicles
  • – BSI billboards, smash gates and mega jumps (realized as super jumps)
  • – BSI gas stations, auto repair shop and junkyard
  • – BSI online challenges
  • – Cops & Robbers vehicles
  • – PCPD Rai-Jin and PCPD Olympus
  • – Sponsor vehicles
  • – Traffic vehicles
  • – Loading screens
  • – Custom intro video
  • – Criterion Games Network News replacement
  • – Vehicle crash protection for non-VP-players when VP-players use new vehicles
  • – Enhanced User Account Control handling
  • – Experimental Steam and Origin support
  • – Game overlay information console and custom hotkeys
  • – Vehicle additions for online races
  • – Experimental player country flags
  • – Experimental bully repellent
  • – Experimental away from keyboard feature
  • – Vehicle spawn feature from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – Traffic On/Off feature from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – Offroad On/Off feature from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – Color selection feature from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – Boost selection feature from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – A selection of community vehicles from Vanity Pack 1.5
  • – New community vehicles
  • – Extreme Olympus and Toy Extreme Olympus from Russian Vanity Pack courtesy of PASHOk_M_oVe

This mod currently does NOT (yet) include:

  • – BSI offline events
  • – BSI area names or road names
  • – BSI traffic lights or AI vehicles
  • – BSI paint shop
  • – BSI area sounds
  • – Remaining Vanity Pack 1.5 features

How To Install


- Make a backup of your save game file as needed.
The save game is located at:

Windows Vista/Windows 7:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Criterion Games\Burnout Paradise\Save

Windows XP:

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Criterion
Games\Burnout Paradise\Save

Remember that you might need to change your folder settings to show hidden files in order to see the Application Data folder.

– Simply run the Vanity Pack installer to install Vanity Pack.

If you have used Vanity Pack 1.5 or earlier or Vanity Pack 2.0 beta 7 or earlier,

it is recommended that you first uninstall and reinstall the game in order to

not have any files carried over from the earlier Vanity Pack, as this could

negatively impact the new Vanity Pack. Make sure to first back up

you save game, if desired.

  • – Optionally select to install Russian Vanity Pack (partial).
  • – At the end of the installation, you can opt to read the README file, FAQ file

and/or run Vanity Pack

NOTE: For the Steam version, the original game folder is renamed

to burnout(TM) paradise the ultimate box.original and a junction

is created in place of the original folder, pointing to the

Vanity Pack folder. This is needed as the game needs to 

be run

form within the steamapps folder. If you want to play the original

The steam game without Vanity Pack either uninstall Vanity Pack or,

at your own risk, run SteamSwitcher with a command line argument

of “OFF” (without quotes). In order to restore the Vanity Pack

version after having done this, run the SteamSwitcher with a

command line argument of “ON” (without quotes).

– Starting with version 2.0.0 beta 9 you will be able to install

updates in place without uninstalling the old VP version first.

How To Use


  • – Start Vanity Pack. With User Account Control (UAC) turned on
  • you will see an elevation dialog. After confirming you should
  • see a Vanity Pack window. With UAC turned off you should see
  • the Vanity Pack without being prompted for elevation. This
  • might not work on all configurations. If it doesn’t, turn UAC
  • on or start VanityPack.exe as Administrator.
  • – Burnout Paradise will be launched automatically.
  • – Wait for Vanity Pack to do its thing. If you have auto-login
  • turned on, it should all be automatic. If you don’t then you
  • will need to log in to the Criterion Games Network/Origin
  • inside the game.
  • – To get help about Vanity Pack startup parameters, run VanityPack.exe

with the command line argument “–help” (without quotes). Some

help information will be logged to a log file in the logs directory

of your Vanity Pack installation.

Default In-game Hotkeys (for US keyboard layout)


F3 Previous Menu SHIFT+` Toggle Hotkeys

F4 Next Menu CTRL+BACKSPACE Toggle Bully Repellent

Toggle Menu SHIFT+F5 Toggle Traffic Off

SHIFT+F4 Toggle Menu F5 Toggle Traffic

SHIFT+1 Shift Vehicle Selection Down by 32 SHIFT+F6 Toggle Offroad On

1 Switch Vehicle Selection Down F6 Toggle Offroad

SHIFT+2 Switch Vehicle Selection Up by 32 CTRL+SHIFT+3 Switch Color Down by 0x10000

2 Switch Vehicle Selection Up SHIFT+3 Switch Color Down by 0x100

TAB Spawn Selected Vehicle 3 Switch Color Down

CTRL+TAB Switch Vehicle Selection to Active Vehicle CTRL+3 Switch Color Type Down

SHIFT+F9 Save Vehicle Selection 1 CTRL+SHIFT+4 Switch Color Up by 0x10000

F9 Spawn Saved Vehicle 1 SHIFT+4 Switch Color Up by 0x100

SHIFT+F10 Save Vehicle Selection 2 4 Switch Color Up

F10 Spawn Saved Vehicle 2 CTRL+4 Switch Color Type Up

SHIFT+F11 Save Vehicle Selection 3 CTRL+5 Switch Boost Length Down

F11 Spawn Saved Vehicle 3 SHIFT+5 Switch Boost Consumption Down

SHIFT+F12 Save Vehicle Selection 4 5 Switch Boost Type Down

F12 Spawn Saved Vehicle 4 CTRL+6 Switch Boost Length Up

SHIFT+F8 Save Vehicle Settings for Currently Selected Vehicle SHIFT+6 Switch Boost Consumption Up

CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Save Vehicle Settings for Saved Vehicles 6 Switch Boost Type Up

CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F8 Save Vehicle Settings for All Vehicles SHIFT+F7 Save Color & Color Type

CTRL+F8 Restore Default Vehicle Settings F7 Restore Color & Color Type

F8 Restore Saved Vehicle Settings

Use the “Switch Menu” hotkeys to switch between the different menus.

The “Toggle Menu” key(s) toggle back and forth between hiding the menu

and showing the information console. The console shows the state of

features like Traffic and Offroad as well as Color and Boost information.

It also shows the selected vehicle to spawn to as well as saved vehicles

that you can spawn too.

Use the “Toggle Traffic” and “Toggle Offroad” hotkeys to toggle those

features on or off.

To switch vehicles outside the junkyard, use the “Switch Vehicle Selection”

hotkeys (in conjunction with SHIFT as needed) to select the vehicle to

spawn. You can then either spawn the vehicle by using the “Spawn Selected

Vehicle” hotkey or save it to one of two slots using the “Save Vehicle Selection”

hotkeys. Use the “Spawn Save Vehicle” hotkeys to spawn the saved vehicles.

You can also use the “Switch Vehicle Selection to Currently Driven Vehicle”

hotkey to set current vehicle selection to the vehicle currently driven.

To switch colors and color types, use the “Switch Color” and “Switch Color

Type” hotkeys. Use a combination of CTRL and/or SHIFT with the “Switch Color”

hotkey to make bigger steps in color selection. Use the “Save Color & Color

Type” hotkey to save the selection for later recall using the “Restore Color”

& Color Type” hotkey. Please note that these selection operate on the car

you are currently driving and that a change in color selection can be seen

right away. This is not the case with boost selection, described below.

To switch boost type, length and fade, use the “Switch Boost Type”, “Switch

Boost Length” and “Switch Boost Fade” hotkeys. Please note that a change to

any of these does not immediately take effect to the car you’re driving.

You will have to re-spawn the car or re-select the car in the junkyard

for the new boost settings to be activated. “Boost Vehicle Type” selection

has not yet been implemented (car vs. bike).

To save settings for the currently selected vehicle to the VanityPack.ini

file, use the “Save Vehicle Settings for Currently Selected Vehicle” hotkey.

You can also save the current settings to all previously saved vehicles or

for all vehicles using the respective hotkeys “Save Vehicle Settings for All

Saved Vehicles” and “Save Vehicle Settings for All Vehicles”. To restore

default vehicle settings for the currently selected vehicle, use the “Restore

Default Vehicle Settings for Currently Selected Vehicle” hotkey. To reset

vehicle settings from the VanityPack.ini file instead, use the “Restore

Vehicle Settings for Currently Selected Vehicle” hotkey.

To toggle auto kick and mute, use the “Toggle Auto Kick And Mute” hotkey.

For this feature to work you will have to add additional information to your

VanityPack.ini file, see the “Bully Repellent” section below.

How To Assign Custom Key Bindings


The default key bindings should have been added to VanityPack.ini the first

the time you run Vanity Pack. To set custom key bindings, edit the values on the

right side of the equals signs (=), not the keys to the left.

NOTE: It is advisable to make a backup of the VanityPack.ini file before

you edit the file. Vanity Pack might not be able to start properly if

you mess up something in the file.

NOTE: Please do not edit the VanityPack.ini file while Vanity Pack is

running or you will most likely lose the information entered. Only edit

the VanityPack.ini file before starting Vanity Pack. There is one

exception to this, see the Bully Repellent section below.

You can use a single key, possibly modified by between zero to three of

the modifier keys, CTRL, ALT and SHIFT. Separate key names and modifier

key names with plus signs (+).

When Vanity Pack starts up it will write to its log file a message stating

whether or not the custom key bindings were successfully parsed. It will

also log the key bindings that are in effect. If there is an error in

parsing the custom key bindings from VanityPack.ini, Vanity Pack will

fall back to using the default key bindings.

Please note that on some keyboards you will need to install a special driver

to be able to use media keys and other keys beyond the 101/102 standard keys.

Some keyboards, like the HP KG-0636, does unfortunately not pass through

presses of some of their media keys to third-party applications like Vanity Pack.

If you want to change the key repeat settings, edit the following values in

VanityPack.ini. They are all represented in milliseconds.

KeyRepeatDelay (default 500) changes how long to wait before starting to

key repeat after initially pressing one or more keys.

KeyRepeatRate (default 10) changes the key repeat rate when holding one

or more keys down.

InfoPanelUpdateDelay (default 500) changes how long to wait before updating

the information panel after releasing a hotkey.

Key Binding Names


The following section shows the key binding names that Vanity Pack knows

about. Please note that not all these keys are actually available on

every keyboard. The chart below shows them as laid out on my standard

US keyboard. You keyboard layout might differ.

To further investigate key scan codes, should you not find what you’re

looking for in the chart below, you can use the VanityKeys.exe program,

which you can find in the Vanity Pack installation directory. If you

are running on a non-US keyboard layout and you are having problems

running this software, please report any issues.

Another program that might be helpful is “Keyboard Codes Display” from


The Vanity Pack names do not match 100% to these, but they’re close enough.

Modifier key binding names:


Regular key binding names:

F13 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18 F19 F20 F21 F22 F23 F24







DECIMAL (some keyboards use SEPARATOR, others DECIMAL)

Non-numlocked key binding names:






OEM key binding names:

OEM1 ;: for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM2 /? for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM3 `~ for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM4 [{ for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM5 \| for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM6 ]} for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM7 ‘” for US standard keyboards, varies by keyboard

OEM8 varies by keyboard

OEM102 <> for non-US IBM-compatible keyboards


Mouse key binding names:






Other, less common key binding names (available on some media keyboards):
































Default Key Bindings


Here are the default key bindings that the Vanity Pack uses unless you have

successfully assigned your own custom hotkeys.


ToggleHotkeys = SHIFT+OEM3

TogglePanel = OEM3

AdjustVehicleIndexDown32 = SHIFT+1

AdjustVehicleIndexDown = 1

AdjustVehicleIndexUp32 = SHIFT+2

AdjustVehicleIndexUp = 2

AdjustColorDown65536 = CTRL+SHIFT+3

AdjustColorDown256 = SHIFT+3

AdjustColorTypeDown = CTRL+3

AdjustColorDown = 3

AdjustColorUp65536 = CTRL+SHIFT+4

AdjustColorUp256 = SHIFT+4

AdjustColorTypeUp = CTRL+4

AdjustColorUp = 4

AdjustBoostLengthDown = CTRL+5

AdjustBoostConsumptionDown = SHIFT+5

AdjustBoostTypeDown = 5

AdjustBoostLengthUp = CTRL+6

AdjustBoostConsumptionUp = SHIFT+6

AdjustBoostTypeUp = 6

PreviousPanel = F3

TogglePanelAlternate = SHIFT+F4

NextPanel = F4

ToggleTrafficOff = SHIFT+F5

ToggleTraffic = F5

ToggleOffroadOn = SHIFT+F6

ToggleOffroad = F6

SaveRespawnVehicle0 = SHIFT+F9

RecallRespawnVehicle0 = F9

SaveRespawnVehicle1 = SHIFT+F10

RecallRespawnVehicle1 = F10

SaveRespawnVehicle2 = SHIFT+F11

RecallRespawnVehicle2 = F11

SaveRespawnVehicle3 = SHIFT+F12

RecallRespawnVehicle3 = F12

SaveColor = SHIFT+F7

RestoreColor = F7

SaveVehicleSettings = SHIFT+F8

SaveVehicleSettingsForSavedVehicles = CTRL+SHIFT+F8

SaveVehicleSettingsForAllVehicles = CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F8

RestoreDefaultVehicleSettings = CTRL+F8

RestoreVehicleSettings = F8

SwitchVehicleSelection = CTRL+TAB

SwitchVehicle = TAB

ToggleAutoKickAndMute = CTRL+BACKSPACE

Bully Repellent


Vanity Pack includes an experimental feature that allows for

automatically muting or kicking one or more players. Please

note that this does not do anything that you could not do

yourself in the original game – it just makes it a bit more

convenient as it is automatic (when it’s working properly).

Because of this, you can only kick players automatically

using Vanity Pack if you are the host.

Please also note that the bully repellent features are not

active by default as Vanity Pack starts. You will need to

press the corresponding hotkey to toggle it on (or off).

NOTE: It is advisable to make a backup of the VanityPack.ini file before

you edit the file. Vanity Pack might not be able to start properly if

you mess up something in the file.

NOTE: Editing the VanityPack.ini file while Vanity Pack is

running for anything but the auto kick and auto mute values

described below will most likely not retain the information

entered. Editing AutoKick and AutoMute values while the

Vanity Pack is running is supported, but tread carefully.

In order for updated values to take effect in the game

if editing while Vanity Pack is running, you must disable

and re-enable auto kick and auto mute using the designated


To automatically kick players from your room when you are

the host, add the desired player names, separated by comma,

on a line like the following in the UserSettings section of


AutoKick = playername1,playername2

To automatically mute players from the room, whether you are

the host or not, add the desired player names, separated by

comma, on a line like the following in the UserSettings

section of VanityPack.ini:

AutoMute = playername3,playername4

Player names need to match the full names of the players

you desire to kick or mute. “playername1”, “playername2”,

“playername3” and “playername4” are just examples to

illustrate how to use these features.

Away From Keyboard (AFK) mode


An experimental Away From Keyboard feature was added to

Vanity Pack in version 2.0.0 beta 9. The AFK mode starts

automatically under the following conditions:

– You are in an online Freeburn room

– There are at least two players in the room

– An Online Marked Man Freeburn game is not running

– You have been parked, without moving, for 30 seconds

– You have not used any Vanity Pack hotkeys for 30 seconds

If you move before the timer has reached 30 seconds, be it

voluntarily or by being hit by another player or a traffic

a vehicle, the 30-second timer resets. The same goes for using

a Vanity Pack hotkey.

When AFK mode activates, your car will start blinking to

alert others that you are AFK. During the time you are in

AFK mode you will also be immune to takedowns.

Once AFK mode has activated, it is canceled under the

following conditions:

– You leave the online Freeburn room

– An Online Marked Man Freeburn game is starting

– You start driving

How To Uninstall


– Run the Vanity Pack uninstaller.

– Restore you save game from your backup as needed.

Known Issues


– See the FAQ for the most up to date information on issues

– The save game may not be compatible with the original, un-modded,

game after using this mod. Please make backups as necessary.

– The toy P12 88 Special does not, just like its bigger parent,

silence the engine while hovering.

How To Report Issues


– Send a comment describing your issue to smiling frog at

Burnout Hints (burnouthints.webs.com). Please include the corresponding

log file from the Vanity Pack’s logs folder. It is best to run

VanityPack.exe with the command line argument “–detail” (without quotes)

before reporting the issue as this will add more diagnostic context

to the log file.

– Alternatively, if I am available, send a message on Xfire/Steam/Origin.

Where To Find New Versions


– Sign up for the Vanity Pack News mailing list at


– Gamer Hints/Burnout Hints (burnouthints.webs.com)

– With version 2.0.0 beta 8 automatic updates is possible and

you will get prompted upon starting Vanity Pack if a new version

is available, unless bandwidth limitations prevent it. In that

the case you will still get notified when starting Vanity Pack that

a new version is available for download outside of Vanity Pack.

Thanks & Credits


– All alpha and beta testers, for finding and reporting bugs

– is-Lopez and Serrmix, for PCPD Rai-Jin and PCPD Olympus skins

– PASHOk_M_oVe, for some information on the AttribSys format and

for contributing the Hunter Extreme Olympus and Hunter Toy Extreme

Olympus from Russian Vanity

– DarkRain098, Electronic Arts, is-Lopez, oleg_aka_djmeg,

PCPunisher_OFC, Serrmix and Slashcammas for new community vehicles.

– Hell cops, LeManRacer, Mr_Bingley, our backer, RichOG007, S-J and

dream build for Vanity Pack 1.5 community vehicles

– Flags of the world courtesy of nordicfactory.com

Version Log


2.0.0 alpha 1 – Initial alpha testing release containing only

the Big Surf Island world and map

2.0.0 alpha 2 – Improved installer and launcher

2.0.0 alpha 3 – Updated loading screens

– Fixed issue with being teleported back to the Paradise

Keys Bridge after wrecking your vehicle

– Various minor bug fixes

2.0.0 alpha 4 – Added feature to allow VP and non-VP players to

share a room without crashing non-VP players’ games

when VP players use new vehicles such as BSI vehicles,

cop cars and sponsor cars.

2.0.0 alpha 5 – Added BSI cars, Cops & Robbers cars, Sponsor cars and Traffic cars

– Rearranged junkyard menus and added new icons

– Various minor bug fixes

2.0.0 beta 1 – Added PCPD Rai-Jin and PCPD Olympus cars

– Added BSI and Vanity Pack branding

– Added horns to most BSI cars

– Added hover to the P12 88 Special Toy Car

– Various minor bug fixes

2.0.0 beta 2 – Fixed execution issue for Windows XP

– Improved vehicle game crash protection

– Various minor bug fixes

2.0.0 beta 3 – Fixed Steam issue for online Freeburn play

– Added player greeting as feedback for proper initialization

– Added Respawn feature from Vanity Pack 1.5

– Added Traffic On/Off feature from Vanity Pack 1.5

– Added Offroad On/Off feature from Vanity Pack 1.5

– Added game overlay information console

– Various minor bug fixes

2.0.0 beta 4 – Improved game overlay information console, which crashed

in beta 3 for some players.

– Fixed issue where changing graphics mode would crash the game.

– Added color selection feature from Vanity Pack 1.5

– Added boost selection feature from Vanity Pack 1.5

2.0.0 beta 5 – Fixed crash when quitting the game

– Updated keyboard handling code

– Updated online detection

2.0.0 beta 6 – Fixed issue where initialization never completed on the Steam version

– Expanded vehicles available for quick spawning to all vehicles

– Added saving and loading of user’s vehicles and color preferences

– Added FAQ

2.0.0 beta 7 – Fixed issue with winning burning route vehicles and not being able to proceed

– Improved player name detection during initialization

– Added Hunter Extreme Olympus from Russian Vanity Pack courtesy of PASHOk_M_oVe

– Added experimental support for player country flags

– Added remaining BSI props

– Added BSI auto repair, gas stations and junkyard

– Added BSI smash gates, billboards and mega jumps (realized as super jumps)

– Added Vanity Pack 1.5 community vehicles:

* Hunter Olympus – No Vinyl mod by Rich0G007

– Updated FAQ

2.0.0 beta 8 – Added BSI challenges

– Added support for installing future versions on top of older versions (beta 8 or later)

– Added hotkey to toggle hotkeys on/off

– Added 5th (unknown) color type

– Updated experimental support for player country flags

– Added support for disabling player country flags (see FAQ for details)

– Resequenced BSI vehicles in junkyard (except for P12 Diamond, which was already in the PC game)

– Fixed Burnout Paradise launch issue for Origin

– Fixed issue with crash when entering online Freeburn for Steam

– Fixed one issue with races crashing non-VP players

– Fixed map cursor boundary

– Fixed issues with online road rage and custom races to not allow BSI checkpoints

– Fixed issue with hotkeys not working for some players

– Fixed issue with hotkey modifiers

– Fixed various stability issues from reported game crashes

– Updated FAQ

2.0.0 beta 9 – Fixed issue with going online using Steam

– Fixed issue with reading VanityPack.ini file during initialization

– Fixed numerous issues with vehicle selection during online races

– Added extra vehicles to vehicle selection during online races

– Improved detection for if all players in the online Freeburn have Vanity Pack

– Improved experimental support for player country flags

– Added extra logging for players having network issues during initialization

– Added support for remembering if to show or hide the information console on startup

– Added support for custom key bindings

– Added support for bully repellent

– Added hotkeys for saving and restoring vehicle settings in VanityPack.ini

– Added experimental Away From Keyboard (AFK mode)

– Updated Hunter Extreme Olympus from Russian Vanity Pack courtesy of PASHOk_M_oVe

– Added Hunter Toy Extreme Olympus from Russian Vanity Pack courtesy of PASHOk_M_oVe

– Added community vehicles:

* Carson Annihilator Street Rod – Carbon mod by oleg_aka_djmeg

* Carson GT Flame – Starry Night mod by Isma-Lopez

* Carson GT Nighthawk – Alien Nighthawk mod by Isma-Lopez

* Carson Opus – General Opus mod by oleg_aka_djmeg

* Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger – General Lee mod by PCPunisher_OFC

* Hunter Civilian – Non Grata mod by isma-lopez

* Hunter Oval Champ 69 – Kobra mod by DarkRain098

* Kitano Hydros Techno – Valve mod by Slashcammas

* Kitano Touge Criterion – Tough mod by Serrmix

* Montgomery Hawker – Beat the Team mod by Electronic Arts

* Montgomery Hawker Solo – Hawker GT mod by Isma-Lopez

* Nakamura Ikusa GT – Proyecto Silvia 3 mod by isma-lopez

* Nakamura Ikusa GT – Supra mod by isma-lopez

* Watson R-Turbo Roadster – Split/Second mod by Slashcammas

– Added Vanity Pack 1.5 community vehicles:

* Carson Annihilator – Muscle mod by ouerbacker

* Carson Fastback Special – Sporty mod by ouerbacker

* Carson Inferno Van – DHL Van mod by Mr_bingley

* Carson Inferno BRT Van – A-Team Van mod by Mr_bingley

* Hunter Citizen – FBI mod by LeMansRacer

* Hunter Civilian – Taxi mod by RichOG007

* Hunter Oval Champ 69 – Hunter mod by ouerbacker

* Hunter Racing Oval Champ – Party mod by Mr_bingley

* Hunter Reliable Custom – No Vinyl mod by RichOG007

* Jansen P12 – mod by udreamibuild

* Kitano Hydros Custom – Subaru mod by Mr_bingley

* Kitano Hydros Techno – Drivers Ed mod by LeMansRacer

* Kitano Touge Criterion – Vanity Pack mod by Mr_bingley

* Krieger PCPD Special – Carbon mod by Hellcopa

* Rossolini Tempesta GT – Tempesta Dream GT mod by S-J

* Watson Burnout Roadster – Burnout Hints Roadster by Mr_bingley

– Updated vehicle handling for Carson Annihilator Street Rod finishes 2 & 3 to match finish 1

– Updated boost bar length for Montgomery Hawker Mech finishes 2 & 3 to match finish 1

– Fixed strength, camera and lights for AI vehicles

– Added Vanity Pack Heroes to scrolling credits

– Updated Vanity Pack log file contents to UTF-8 encoding

– Added lock for preventing running multiple concurrent instances of Vanity Pack

– Added support for Vanity Pack closing down the game when exiting Vanity Pack (when running the game in windowed mode)

– Added modding support for modders

– Various minor bug fixes

– Updated FAQ

Possible Plans for the Future


– Try to fix other, harder to reproduce, seemingly random game crashes.

– Add more BSI features.

– Add other Vanity Pack 1.5 features.

– Add new vehicles.

– Add camera mod.

– Add flight mod.

– Fog removal.

– Add custom player icon next to flag icon.

– Add “no visual damage” mod.

– Add hotkey configuration UI.

Download Below:





RAR password: Paradise

EXE (vault) password: City