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Discussions related to modifying or hacking games (e.g. Vanity Pack, trainers, unlockers, etc).
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RV2 Beta is Available for Testing
23841746 1 months ago
Remove Taxi Mod from Marked Man
0256 3 months ago
Vanity Pack 2.0.0 Beta is Available for Testing
798260087 5 months ago
No BSI or DLC Cars in RV2
1560 5 months ago
DGI Vehicle Pack
22172329 6 months ago
Extreme Olympus Governor
1415 6 months ago
How to unninstal DGI Vehicle Pack?
2292 6 months ago
RV2 Stuck At Loading Screen
5690 6 months ago
Burnout Paradise RTM Release
31049 7 months ago
Vanity pack succesfully installed but no HUD in game
2239 8 months ago
vanity pack error
1480 8 months ago
Vanity Pack 2.0 FAQ
1522848 8 months ago
Why RV2 car crashes in VP?
4435 9 months ago
Burnout Paradise Unofficial Patch
203701 9 months ago
Burnout Paradise Beta test
9902 9 months ago
Burnout Paradise Sound Formats
11008 10 months ago
Burnout Paradise "vanity update 2.0.0 beta 10!
3435 11 months ago
Vanity Pack Not Working
2503 11 months ago
Is there a debug camera mod for Burnout Paradise?
211154 over a year ago
Modded Hawker Solo
8868 over a year ago
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