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This site has been funded by member donations in the recent past, meaning circa August, the paid plan with Webs is likely to expire. Without it, the site will break just as it has in the past, and even assuming nothing else goes awry, most pages will become inoperable. As such, I have begun the process of archiving the site, in the hope that its content will survive after the site's inevitable demise.

However, I don't intend to let it go quite so easily. There is still activity in the scene, small as it is. My intent is to host a new site when this one dies, and if all goes well, fresh mod releases will be made on there, in addition to having a full archive of the old site. It should be worthwhile to have it, especially if the remaster does eventually end up releasing on PC, but we'll have to wait and see. Whether or not this site gets renewed, this will likely be my last post here, save for responses to this thread.

In any case, I wish all our members well, and I hope to see you all on a new site in the coming months!

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