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today EA and Criterion officially announced the release date for Burnout Paradise Remastered. It will be released for PS4 and XBOX One with all DLCs available for the consoles:


Price will be $ 39,99 in Stores and digitally.

EA Access members can play before official release from 9th March for 10 hours :-)

See you on PS4 and XBOX....

P.S.: I created a new topic, so that the release date is visible from the forum start page.

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Just found a comment from Criterion, stating that later this year, a PC version of Bunrout Paradise Remastered will be released - hopefully with BSI included :)

Criterion is stating "Cross-generational gaming" - I hope this means, that XBOX 360 and XBOX One players share the same lobbies just like PS3 and PS4 players.

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A very much needed feature mentioned here : https://www.ea.com/games/burnout/burnout-paradise-remastered/buy Under list of included DLC, I see Burnout Paradise Party : Allows for a pass-the-controls group party in-game to complete challenges. If it is what I think it is, it's a great feature to complete all challenges for all players in the group.
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Well... 100% here we go again...


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Was gonna post this, but BH never let's me post :P


Because Burnout is love.

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Party is in the normal game, it's also called couch co-op. You sit down with IRL friends and take turns playing, then see who has the highest score.

Onto other things:

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So group party is not about completing challenges. Nevertheless, I'll still buy it. Thanks for the correction :)
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Just played some minutes with the trial of BP Remastered on XBOX ONE (first gen - so no 4K), so here some observations in case you are interested:

- Minor changes in textures, e.g. billboards are with "REMASTERED" logo and some adverts did change. The rest was identical to old version.

- The game counts as a different game "Burnout Paradise Remastered" <-> "Burnout Paradise" for both, save game and achivements/trophies.

- Some small bugs, e.g. respawned at a different position then the behaviour on old version, Traffic did vanish after Showtime in online lobby,...

- Online lobby with 8 players was not hidden, I couldn't enter, but I still saw the lobby - maybe this will be fixed till the final version?!

- I could enter BSI and drive DLC cars, but no logo neither Island nor Copy'n'Robbers was shown in the player list in online lobby

- I checked the online lobbies in both games: It seems, that they are different - a little bit disappointing for two reasons: I I was hoping that sharing the same lobbies would keep the number of lobbies resp. players high. On the other hand, if they split the platforms, why didn't they increase the maximum number of players from 8 to 16 and create more challenges?

- the online stats were broken: Even after restart of the game after playing several challenges, the online stats still said 0 challenges, no takedowns etc. On the other side, a random player had 571 out of 500 challenges????

- the list of lobbies showed for all lobbies "Next event: Race", "Last event: Online Freeburn", even for lobbies were challenges were played subsequently.

- when selecting in easy drive menu "Show Players", the list of players was not in the order of entering the lobby, but listed in the ordering of slot (yellow first, then red player etc.)

Overall: Still the same fun as the "old" version of the game - I would buy the game, if I hadn't preordered already two weeks ago :-)

-> the differnce between Burnout Paradise and Burnout Paradise Remastered gives me hope, that I can still use Vanity Pack and Russian Vanity in the future, since the old version will not be updated......

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Wondering whether VP or RV will end up being made for the remaster? I am hopeful :)

March 14, 2018 at 7:36 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Short update after testing the phyiscal disk of BP Remastered on XBOX ONE:

Some bugfixes are done, the game has to be updated during the installation. So Traffic does not vanish anymore in online lobby, but some bugs are still exsting, e.g. Online stats are still not correct, activitites (last and current) in list of online lobbies still not correct (all lobbies show next event is Race....).

March 15, 2018 at 6:57 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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