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I will write a bit ;d , I have installed Russian Vanity 2.3.1 it's working but when I see the menu with choosing cars category I have got only three I mean " Burnout Paradise Cars , Burnout Paradise Bikes and  DLC Cars . I was suprised when I opened DLC cars and there weren't for example : Extreme Olympus  and Traffic cars . Similarly When I installed Vanity pack 2.0.0 from smiling frog I haven't got any new car , there is only Big surf island and normal cars from Burnout Paradise I mean normally 75 cars and four bikes , nothing more . Why I am having lack of these all cars ??? I have connected to online and after initializing Vanity Pack and everything seemed to be good .  Previously while I was playing 2 years ago everything was alright  I have installed everything like before Please help me !!! :( 

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I have the same problem


Installing VP 2 

DON'T WORKS?!??!?!!?

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