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Been thinking about doing this for a while, always wanted to get more info but eventually realized I had neither the energy nor the motivation to find it all myself. There are a ton of unknown values and blocks here, so feel free to add anything missing; it'll be edited into this post and you'll be credited.

Disclaimer: What people use this for is not within my control. However, I still discourage everyone from editing anything that could affect other players in any way, especially if it's to better your own status against others.

First thing to note is that there are three savegames, one for PC, one for PS3, and one for Xbox 360. There is no Xbox One savegame as that uses a 360 emulator, and I'm not aware of any way to rip saves from an XB1 anyway. Each save has a different way of being stored. The PC save is neither packed nor encrypted; the 360 save is packed (not sure if it's encrypted too, probably is); and the PS3 save is encrypted (not sure if it's packed too, probably is).

The different platforms' saves have different programs to decrypt/unpack them. The PC save needs nothing, the 360 save needs a program like Horizon or Modio, and the PS3 save needs Bruteforce Save Data. I won't write tutorials for them, there are plenty around the web that are better than anything I can make.

Second, the save headers are different. You can find details in the header section below, but to sum it up, the PC save has a Rich Game Media Header (which is enormous), the 360 save has an MC02 header (has a few checksums that go seemingly unused), and the PS3 save is headerless.

All the offsets written here are from headerless saves, like the PS3 has. This not only makes tough jobs like cross-platform save transference much easier, but also allows for easier comparison between saves, which has been useful to me in the past.

Lastly, you will probably need VEHICLES.xls and byte reverser.exe. (Links are from Agamakus)

Now that you've heard and done whatever you need to, here's the offset list. You can view the spreadsheet here or right click the screenshots below and hit open in new tab. (Or you can just zoom in.) Be aware though, the spreadsheet is prone to updates the pictures won't get.


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